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Sex trafficking is a major issue in the United States. The US is one of the advanced countries where victims are victimized by its own citizens. People don’t believe it happens in US let alone to its citizens. It is the 3rd largest criminal enterprise in the world. The US has high rates of victimization and vulnerabilities; teenage runaways are a big issue. Runaways are at risk of being trafficked within 48 hours of being on the street. Girls between ages 12 & 14, and boys 11 & 13 are bought and sold for sex in the US. The ST hotline and other studies have revealed that between 100,000 and 300,000 girls are trafficked in the US. Perpetrators are organized criminal syndicates, smaller groups, individual pimps or gangs. This criminal act occurs in massage parlors, brothels hidden under legitimate businesses, escort services, hostess clubs or room salons, internet (sites such as craigslist and back-page), big/small cities, convention centers, during big events (like Super Bowl), skiing resorts, and recreational parks.



We provide opportunities for survivors to receive education or learn a trade that would empower them for economic freedom.


Mentorship for sustainability of restorationThrough this program, we are able to measure the impact of our ASPIRE mentorship programs' long-term goals and its effect on survivors' well-being in the restoration process. For details click programs.

Community Awareness Events:

We organize workshops, trainings, and presentations to engage community members in the healing and restoration process of survivors. This platform creates awareness and provides education about sex trafficking as tools for prevention and protection. 


INSPIRE EDUCATION PROGRAM: The ultimate goal of this program is to educate all stakeholders to engage in the process of sustainability of the restoration of survivors of sex trafficking to healthy communal life. Education changes survivors' self perception thus giving them the ability to make informed and better choices. It also changes misconceptions about the sex trade giving society an empathy for survivors and a better understanding of their exploitation.

Our ultimate goal is to foster economic freedom and ease transition into communal life.  Our programs are interwoven to achieve these goals. We begin with housing (new), a safe and secure environment where we provide tools for social/life skills, and self-sufficiency through our Aspire Mentorship Program for reintegration into communal; Aspire Education Program in which we utilize education as the driving force for social change to achieve our long term goal of prevention and protection.  We are proactive in our partnerships to identity service needs both in communities and rescued girls.

​Collaboration/Partnership: We participate in collaborative partnerships that support social change, where knowledge and information are shared for programs effectiveness and efficient service provision.