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Survivors of human trafficking can now better access services.  Thanks to the relentless and courageous efforts of these men and women who fought to  ensure  better protection for survivors!!

Terrifying Ways Humans Are Treated

Human Trafficking
Modern-Day slavery happens globally: it is the exploitation of humans for financial gain
India: Human organs are sold for money
Africa: Humans are used as shrine slaves
Scotland: Humans are used in Cannabis farms
Afghanistan: Boys are recruited to dance for money
Ivory Coast (West Africa) – Humans are used as slaves in chocolate factories with little or no pay
USA:  Humans are used as agricultural workers with little or no pay
Persian Gulf States:  Young boys are used as Camel Jockeys in the deserts
Senegal: Children are forced, threatened or coerced to beg on streets

Sex Trafficking
Southeast Asia: Mothers sell their virgin daughters for sex
Next door: Children are forced into domestic servitude, including sex slavery
War/Conflict Areas: Children are recruited to fight and kill as suicide bombers, child soldiers, etc.
War/Conflict Areas: Girls and women are traded by soldiers after sexual molestation
USA: The Super Bowl is the largest single venue for sex trafficking
Sex trafficking victims are treated as misfits and criminals by society and systems

Supporting pornography is empowering sex traffickers and aiding the crime

Need help, report abuse, or learn more, call any of these numbers or go to these websites:

Your local FBI or

US Department of Homeland Security
International Tips: 1.802.672.6199​​

National Human Trafficking Resource Center:  ​

National Human Trafficking
Hotline (Polaris Project); 
Text HELP to BeFree (233733)

 Colorado Organization for Victims
Assistance (COVA);

Colorado Network to End Human
Trafficking (CoNEHT);  

After advocating for more than two years,  President Obama signed the re-authorization of  the Trafficking Victims Protection Act (TVPA) in 2013!  This re-authorized law provides additional and better resources for combating human trafficking globally and in the US.

Resource Guide!

Maps/Statistics of World Slavery:

​​​National Day of "johns" Arrest

Slowly but surely!! This campaign is carried out by a 17-state joint law enforcement task force to fight sex trafficking by targeting the "johns".  About 600 johns and pimps were arrested in the last sting operation. ​