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Our organization is managed by survivors, experts and professionals in the human trafficking movement. Our main objective is to elicit systemic support, and promote the  humanitarian interests and human rights obligations of communities and institutions to ease the healing, rehabilitation, and restoration process for survivors of sex trafficking


  • Prostitution
  • Pornograpy
  • Stripping
  • Live sex show
  • Mail order bride
  • Sex tourism


  • Promised better foreign job
  • False marriage proposal
  • Sold into sex trade by loved ones
  • Kidnapped by trafficker
  • Lured by friends and strangers

Sex trafficking is a major issue in the United States. The US is one of the advanced countries where victims are victimized by its own citizens...more at What We Do

Our Mission is to provide housing for safety, with the establishment of a framework for building resilience in survivors of sex trafficking for complete re-integration into communal life, and implement improved systems that support plans for prevention and protection.

Our Vision  is to inspire survivors of sex trafficking to aspire for and gain economic freedom.

Housing (coming soon): provides a safe environment where survivors would focus on healing and empowerment for reintegration into community

Education: empowers, emancipates, changes perspectives and misconceptions, and challenges survivors to aspire for economic freedom.
Community Awareness: 
provides tools and resources for prevention and protection, and opens the door for sustainable restoration.
facilitates restoration of hope and dignity; and embraces smooth transition into healthy and normal communal life.


  • There is modern day slavery of over 27  million people
  • Age of captivity is 11-14 years
  • Over 3 million women & children make up the victims
  • Sex trafficking is the 3rd largest crime in the world
  • It's a 32 billion dollar industry


  • Victims are forced, manipulated, coerced, threatened, and deceived into trafficking.
  • Women account for 94% of all sex trafficking cases 
  • Most children are trafficked by loved ones or people they know
  • Most sex trafficking victims are recruited by friends in exchange for food and shelter
  • Victims who are in denial of victimization; form traumatic bond with captors (Stockholm syndrome)
  • Most victims suffered sexual abuse and neglect as children
  • Victims are often times treated as criminals by the justice system
  • Victims are regarded as misfits by society and find it hard to reintegrate 
  • Some online sites enable traffickers, e.g.


  • Runaways- often caused by child sexual abuse, neglect, truancy, dysfunctional families, drug abuse, etc.
  • Poverty
  • Homelessness
  • Lack of education
  • Weak policies and laws to put away perpetrators encourage recidivism; etc.

Restoration Project International ​is a 501c(3) nonprofit organization based in Denver, Colorado. Founded August 2, 2013, the organization fosters the restoration of hope and rehabilitation of survivors of sex trafficking into communal life. We understand the key role that education plays in opening doors to economic freedom. It reduces the chances of survivors returning to sex trade because of the lack of means of sustenance.  Our efforts are also geared towards providing communities with the tools and resources needed for the prevention of sex trafficking and protection of vulnerable girls.